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Vacationfelt at Filtværket 2022

Something new is happening soon: We'll be doing 'vacationfelt' at Filtværket. This is something I came up with on the spot, as some plans were changed, and suddenly the autumn break was free. However, this is not simply an emergency solution, but an idea I've been considering for a long time that is suddenly a possibility. We have such a great workshop containing so much inspiring felt and amazing materials, which make it an ideal space to hold several workshops over several days. Furthermore, it is easy for participants to get here, and the rent is taken care of.

It will take place from Monday to Thursday during the autumn break – week 42 – Monday 17 October to Thursday 20 October.

We'll do four workshops, each with its own theme, focused on inspiration, presentations, and guidance.

Felted pillows in green and orange colours placed on a bench outside
  • MONDAY Warm slippers – a warm beginning to the cold half of the year

  • TUESDAY Spacious bags – solid felt with shapes

  • WEDNESDAY Soft items for the home – pillows/cushions/warmers for different things

  • THURSDAY Warm winter clothing – hats/mittens/neck warmers/scarves

The courses will take place from 10-17, after which you can hang out and socialize or continue felting for as long as you want.

Price: 850 DKK pr. day

Price for all four days: 3200 DKK

Breakfast, lunch plus coffee, fruit and sweets are included all days.

Materials are extra.

Filtværket has some great tables, all the equipment needed, lots of materials for sale, and all kinds of felt which can hopefully inspire you.

Two women felting by a table

A group of people felting by a table

Before noon, some of the employees at Filtværket will be doing their jobs around the workshop. Here you can see some of the nice attendees of a slipper course in Februrary 2022 hard at work.

Contact me by mail or check out the webshop, where you can buy access to one or more workshop days. The complete description can be viewed and downloaded on the calendar page.

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