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Kepa lamps are inspired by nature's onion shapes.


The shades are thinly felted from the finest white wool, and they let the light shine through softly.


Wool is heat resistant and non-flammable, and the screens are CE approved. It is recommended to use LED bulbs. Wool does not attract dust.


The screens are available in 2 variants, with and without green sprouts.


The lamp's base can be made of oak or lacquered metal in dark green or anthracite. The oak blocks measure 10x10cm, and they have previously functioned as sound-absorbing cobblestones in Copenhagen carriage gates.


Kepa lamps inspired by nature's bulbs.

Lamp shades made of fine wool in a thin layer lets the light through, making it soft and gentle. Wool is rather resistant to heat and inflammable, but you are advised to use it with an LED light source. Wool does not attract dust.

The lampshade is made in two varieties, either plain white or with green sprout.

Also the foot comes in two varieties. Either an oak block 10x10 cm. It's made from recycled paving wood blocks. Hard lacquered metal in either anthracite or dark green is also an option.

Kepa lamp on foot

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