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The raw wool mats are felted with an exclusively raw wool, something is carded quite easily. It is not washed beforehand, but will be during felting. The color scale reflects the sheep breeds, and since we mostly use wool from Gotland fur sheep for the seat mats, many are in gray shades.


Seat mats with raw wool are soft and warm to sit on or put your feet on, and they can be used both outside and inside.


Choose square or round.

Size approx. Ø 40 or 40x40 cm


Wool is perfect for insulating and creating comfort. The chair mat is felted with raw wool and fine merino, maintaining the natural structure of the raw wool. These mats are rather flat and the fibers make a curly surface. The colors are natural and since the wool is mostly from gotland sheep the colors will vary within gray scale. Handwash or wool program is recommended. Choose round or square mat.

Seat mats with raw wool

  • The cushions only rarely need to be washed, because wool is water and dirt repellent. If necessary, they can be washed by hand or on a wool programme.

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