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​Filtværket is a small production company where we make felt handicrafts and unique items.

It is located in Ørstedgade, which is a slightly shabby corner of Odense. In the past, the area housed various production and industrial companies, i.a. Holmegårds Glasværk, a tent factory, the slaughterhouse/Kvægtorvet and many more. In our building, Thrige had a pump factory, which later housed Max Petersen's Model joinery.

​We took over the premises on 1 January 2018. Then a thorough and exciting clean-up started. We met many unknown things, machines and materials. Next came renovation, wall removal, and an arrangement that we are unlikely to ever finally finish. See a bit of the renovation here.

On this page you can see how the premises looked before the refurbishment and how we use them now.

The workshop serves as a workplace for approx. 12 people. We are not registered as a social economic enterprise, but we behave as one.

Most employees are employed in so-called mini-flex jobs, and we have people in company internships and job clarification, because wool and filtering are good for troubled thoughts.

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