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Kepa lamps

Kepa means onion in Latin.

The idea for the Kepa lamps arose when I saw how beautifully the light shone through wool in some small tealight holders.


The Kepa lamps are available in different sizes as a pendant and as a lamp on a foot.

The lamps are made of pure wool, which is felted. They are handmade and all slightly different. They are made in different sizes, and they can be obtained in all white or with decorations in colors as desired. The smallest screens weigh approx. 25 g.

The pendants are sold with cord and suspension.

Indicative rates:


  • Pendulum small: DKK 750.

  • Commute between: DKK 875.

  • Large pendant: DKK 950.


  • Small metal table lamp with small screen: DKK 1500.

  • Small table lamp on a wooden base DKK 1500.

  • Table lamp on a wooden base between: DKK 1,800

  • Large lamp on a wooden base: DKK 2100.

Wool is not a material that ignites easily. As in all other lamps, the bulb must not touch the screen. The lamps are tested and CE approved.


The lamps do not attract much dust. If cleaning is required, the screen can be removed from the socket and dusted off. It can also be rinsed gently in lukewarm water and then dried on an inflated balloon.

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