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​Felt round pots


'Felt round pots' is an introduction and thorough introduction to felting - here of a hollow shape which ends up becoming a pot. Felting pots is a game of shape and color and a sensory learning process. With e-Filt's thorough guide, you will be guided beautifully through all steps in the felting process up to brightly colored pots. The idea is the starting point for the project, and along the way you will gain felt finesse, material knowledge and feel for the craft. Richly illustrated with photos and drawings.


Below are 9 pages out of 48.


The e-book can be bought at Saxo (DKK 85) and borrowed from the e-bookshelf.

The printed book costs DKK 125. and can be purchased on Saxo and BookOnDemand

It is also sold at wool dealers such as Uldportalen in DK and at Åddebo Ull in Sweden.

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