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Updated: Jul 8

It feels strange to talk about 2024, when it feels like 2023 just started. Nevertheless, the plan for the coming season is ready – and Saint Hans's Eve is just around the corner :)

The course plan can be viewed and downloaded on the calendar page.

We're kicking off the season in August with a workshop for teachers who teach crafts and design.

This will take place at Østjysk Sommerstævne in Hadsten. It's fun to felt with teachers, who will

hopefully be greatly encouraged to make felting part of the teaching. The theme is progression in

the C&D-subject.

During the summer, there will be courses at associations where I regularly teach, such as Nørre

Snede, Bogense, and Verninge.

Holbo Herreds Væverforening is a newer acquaintance, where we made bags in the autumn of

2022. This October they will host my nuno felt course.

The new places I'll be going are Egense and Hørvævsmuseet on Krengerup, where we'll be working on hollow shapes.

I'm happy to see, that people are interested in felting, and I hope plenty of people show up for the courses.

Below are some photos from a recent course at Skals Folk High School. The theme was nuno felt, and we tested felting on several types of textiles. There is such a great opportunity for complete immersion when placing the wool on such large surfaces.

During the coming season, there will be several courses on nuno felt. We might be working on clothing, but there are a lot of ways to combine wool and textile, and we've got space for it all.

Hollow shapes is a technique which I often teach. It is an area, where there are so many possibilities, and making vessels is a recurring joy. I work hard practicing the details, and coming up with new models and colour blends, so hopefully everybody taking part will walk away inspired.

Raw wool is becoming more prevalent in recent years. I think it's great fun to use the wool as it is, with all the sheep's colours and curls left intact, and incorporating those features into vessels, bags, or lovely seating mats that keep you warm.

Naturally, raw wool is the theme of the course when the sheep breeders of Fyn are coming by on 17 September.

At Filtværket, I'll be doing courses on how to make mittens, slippers and seat cushions.

Please share the course announcement with friends and family, and feel free to take part yourself. Felting gives great energy, and attendees are needed for the courses to happen.

Happy Saint Hans, and I hope you have a great summer.

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