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Hand-felted sauna hats for winter bathing and sauna. They protect against heat loss in the cold water and against the heat in the sauna. Bathing also becomes more fun with the delicious hats.


The hats are hand-felted in fine merino wool, which is super soft and wonderfully insulating. The unique hats are made to order, and the pictures here are just for inspiration. They can be ordered for an entire bathing team, and a logo can be added. It can take approx. an extra week when we have to make unique hats.


Can be hand washed, but rarely needs to, as wool is water and dirt resistant.

Can also be used as a hat anywhere else.



Handfelted hats for winter swimming and sauna.

Protects your head from both heat loss in cold water and from heat in the sauna.

Also makes the swim more fun.

Fine merino, super soft.

These are unique designs and it takes a few days to produce the ordered hat.

You can order for a team of swimmers and have a logo added if you have one.

Can be hand washed.

3 sizes

Small 55-56 cm

Medium 57-58 cm

Large 59-60 cm

Unique sauna hats

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