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Felt sleeves for computer or tablet protect against shocks, dirt and scratches. They are felted from pure wool, and are adapted so that they close tightly around the computer. At the opening, a few centimeters are extra for protection and a good grip. The colors are blue, gray or natural colours. The natural material and the ancient felt craft are suitable for protecting our modern electronic products. With the rock carvings, a bridge is built to people of earlier times, who also communicated with each other. Other colors and special requests for decorations can be made to order.


Felted covers for your electronic devices will protect them from dirt, dust, scratches and bruises. This natural material and ancient craft goes well with our modern technology. The petroglyph decoration even makes a hint of people having communicated since the stone age.

The covers are made to fit and in the opening there is an extra couple of centimeters for you to have a good grip. The colors are either gray or bluish, with a different color on the inside. Special wishes for color or decoration can be made on demand.

Computer sleeves

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