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Felted apples for decoration and joy. Different varieties of apples each have their own play of colors and tones, and many of us have favorite apples with a special taste and sweetness. The apples are inspired by varieties found in my garden and in my neighbourhood. They are felted from pure wool, and in the felting the colors are mixed to create very special shades. All apples are felted in the Felt Factory.


Different apple varieties, inspired by nature itself. In my garden and in my neighborhood I find many varieties, different in color, shape and taste. In every country there are special varieties and you can always find your favorite local apple.

There is a range of colors in one single apple that I enjoy transforming into wool surfaces - dark red - bright red - yellow - green - and many more.

All apples are made of wool and felted by hand in our workshop Filtværket.

Felted apples

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