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Talking heads. 7 needle felted faces that express different emotions.
They can be used in therapeutic contexts to open and support conversations about feelings with children. The faces make it easier for children to put their feelings into words and for adults to understand them. Very useful for conversations in families with mental disorders or other difficult conditions. The talking heads were invented to support Karen Glistrup's books 'Talk about it - with all children. See more here
The faces are hand-felted in pure wool by employees of the Felt Works. A set of 7 Talking Heads are felted by the same person, so they appear identical, apart from the emotion they represent. They are delivered in a cloth bag. There can be 3-4 weeks delivery time. The talking heads can be cleaned carefully with a damp cloth.

Talking heads - or emotional faces.
7 needle felted faces showing different emotions.
Made to open up and support emotional conversation with children - or wherever support is needed. Especially where you meet families with mental challenges or illnesses. The faces make it easier for smaller children to find words for their feelings and for adults to understand. Often purchased for therapy reasons. The faces are made to support the book 'Talk about it - with every child' It is available in Danish, English, German, Dutch and Norwegian at Karen Glistrup's website.

The faces are made by our employees in Filtværket and one group of 7 faces is always made by the same person. They are pure wool. The faces come with a cotton bag. They can be cleaned with caution.

Talking heads

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