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Cushions or footstools - or perhaps a sculpture.

On the beach and other places in nature you find stones, and no two are alike. They are an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Their colors and structure can be recognized in our felted stone, where wool in many colors and layers creates depth and play in the unique surfaces.


The stones are stuffed with wool of a kind that does not filter or clump, and we also use second-hand woolen clothing. This creates the right weight. Size and weight vary, and therefore prices may also vary. There is only one of each. The pictures here in the webshop show examples. The stones can be ordered and it takes 1-2 weeks to make them. Feel free to write or call and ask about the felted stones.


On the beach you never see two similar pebbles or rocks. We are inspired by natural rocks using wool in many layers to create the depth in coloring and patterns. The rocks are stuffed with wool that doesn't feel and with second hand wool material. The size varies and so does the weight and there is only one of a kind. The prices may vary according to the size.

The rock may be in stock or we can make it. If you wish to order it takes 1-2 weeks.

Please ask for more information.

Felt stones

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