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These vegetarian furs are all unique. Each of them is made from wool from a single animal, which is cut so fine that the wool hangs together in one piece. Some become a large coat, others are split into smaller pieces. The back is felt. Prices vary by size. The type of wool, size and price are listed next to the individual vegetarian fur.


Wool is perfect for insulating and creating comfort. The cushion is felted with raw wool and fine merino, maintaining the natural structure of the raw wool. This makes it look as if it were fur, and that is why it is also called vegetarian sheep skin. The colors are natural. Handwash or wool program is recommended. The cushions in this category are all unique OOAK, and their size and price are mentioned on each image.

Vegetarian fur

  • Raw wool felt is also called vegetarian fur because the sheep are not slaughtered - they are only sheared so that we can use the wool. It is felted using a special method so that the natural curls from the raw wool are preserved, almost like in a fur coat. The color scale reflects the sheep breeds

  • Wool is water and dirt repellent. If necessary, wash the cushions by hand or on a wool programme.

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